Review of my new G-shock GA-100-1A1ER Watch

GShock GA-100-1A1ER. Cool!

GShock GA-100-1A1ER. Cool!

I bought this Casio GA from Amazon (full specs here: and really I’m happy. I ordered this watch Saturday night, and had it delivered on Monday! The packaging is top, the watch is really beautiful, it is impressive but not bling-bling, the all-black tones are looking very serious. This is a serious timepiece – you can’t ignore this watch! I got to give credit to the Rangermade website with their best tactical watch page.

It is large but not kitschy at all. It is discreet and the LED lamp illuminates just so much as it’s necessary. It is pretty basic with stopwatch and countdown, but it’s very precise.…

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Hiking Gear You Need for Your Next Hike

While hiking is a fun pastime that millions enjoy, there is a side to it that can be very dangerous. Even a simple, short walk can turn into a nightmare when the wrong circumstances happen—someone getting lost, bit by a snake, falling in a river, or so many unfortunate situations. Luckily, the vast majority of situations can be prepared for by simply bringing the right hiking gear with you.

Absolute Essentials

There are some things that you should never go on a hike without. The following won’t prevent bad things from happening but will certainly make bad situations manageable:

 Water—to avoid dehydration and for cleaning any cuts A whistle—for each person to blow should they get lost First aid kit—to keep injuries from getting infected Extra clothing—to replace wet clothing or to stay warm at night Trail food—to replenish energy A compass—to give directions if you get lost A map—so you can use the compass effectively Good Things to Have

There are plenty of things that can help you out that aren’t necessary to hiking.…

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Are you into hiking? Here’s how to get your backpack!

How do you choose a good backpack?

Choosing the right backpack: military, tactical, mountain, heavy-duty

Hi, Dan again. The news is, I started doing lots of mountain hiking with a group of friends and I love it! I will tell you today how to choose a proper backpack, since I had this sort of problem and know how I got out of it. It can be challenging, really.

For those who have hiked in the 70s-80s, you probably still remember the backpacks we had, mostly military. They looked like Christmas trees, with all sorts of objects hanging on them: pots, axe, sleeping bag, plastic bags. Of course, these objects clung to all the branches on the way.…

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Give me a decent camera and I’ll give you great pictures

great-camera-picturesSo I’m on the lookout for a good camera, preferably compact and not big and bulky.  Compact digital cameras have surely been and will be the reason why many people fall in love with photography. Not just those who begin to draw their first steps in photography acquire compact cameras, but also advanced users and even professionals have among their equipment good compact camera. Remember that the camera is only a means, and that what really matters is the photographer.

One compact camera that I found great for my purposes is the little and (to me at least) glorious Fujifilm X20.…

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