Review of my new G-shock GA-100-1A1ER Watch

GShock GA-100-1A1ER. Cool!

GShock GA-100-1A1ER. Cool!

I bought this Casio GA from Amazon (full specs here: and really I’m happy. I ordered this watch Saturday night, and had it delivered on Monday! The packaging is top, the watch is really beautiful, it is impressive but not bling-bling, the all-black tones are looking very serious. This is a serious timepiece – you can’t ignore this watch! I got to give credit to the Rangermade website with their best tactical watch page.

It is large but not kitschy at all. It is discreet and the LED lamp illuminates just so much as it’s necessary. It is pretty basic with stopwatch and countdown, but it’s very precise. I have already dove with it, ran and did other outdoor activities wearing it. It held its own really well.

For me it is really a watch for athletes and for people who are in military operations. This is the watch that the special forces use.

As usual with Casio and G-Shock, this watch is very well finished. It remains very readable despite it’s multiple functions. Could have been more cluttered or less intuitive in navigation.

Like I already mentioned, it has many features, and it requires quite some time to read the manual and do the initial settings. Once set up however, there isn’t much else that you need to do, the calendar is pre-programmed, and if there is a need to change the time zone, it’s done with a simple manipulation.

However beware, there is no reflective paint, this is what we call a black edition, also, to read the time in the dark, you need to use the internal lighting. Personally it doesn’t bother me, and it wouldn’t prevent me from buying it.

Now there are two things that worry me. Already, the band. Unlike my G9300 which had a silicone texture type rubber, this G-Shock has a bracelet made of real plastic, very unpleasant in the summer. Since that band didn’t do for me, I ordered adapters and a NATO (fabric) band, which added $50 to the original price of this watch.

Then, the minute hand moves every 20 seconds… Until here nothing abnormal except that on my G-Shock, the needle is not super well aligned, also when it is 12 h 53, I need to wait until 12 h 53 and 20 seconds for the minute hand to align perfectly with the 53 minute mark. This is just a detail, but is still pretty annoying, because in the end one never knows the time very accurately without looking at the watch for less than 5 seconds.

But that may be a problem only with my watch. Don’t let this deter you – this watch is still a very good buy, and this Black version is a killer!

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